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Covers for Journal of New Jersey Dental Association

June 30, 2017
Since 2013, I have been lucky enough to provide the photography for several covers of the Journal of New Jersey Dental Association.  I was first contacted by Lorraine Sedor of NJDA when she saw some of my work at the Cherry Hill Arts Show. After  I submitted several images, this Merlin was selected for the Spring edition. The truth is, the Merlin was photographed during fall migration near the Cape May lighthouse!
njda Spring Cover


My favorite local place to photograph is the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. This harbinger of spring, the Swamp Pink, is a rare and endangered flower.  It’s location must remain secret to protect it.img033-njda cover spring


Autumn is my favorite season for photography. I love the colors of the changing trees and falling leaves. This abstract  “Swirl of Leaves” is my expression of  the fall season.img062


I have always been fascinated with reflections. You will see this repeating theme in my photography. This next image, ” Winter Reflection”, was taken on a cold day at Pakim Pond in Brendon Byrne State Park.

dental magazine cover


After this publication, I was informed that the editors of JNJDA wanted to get away from my nature photographs so I took a break until I came up with a dental theme that they couldn’t refuse! It worked and this cover appeared in 2016. The concept for the dental toothbrush and holder came from a South Jersey Camera Club workshop. I created these neat colors with polarization sheets.jada toothbrush and holdersmall


My next photograph, “A Reflection on Dentistry’s Past” will be published in the fall of 2017. The journal also features an article I’m co-authoring on antique dental equipment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Thank you for taking the time to look at my photographs.

Stay tuned! There may be more covers in the future…





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  1. Jo Cohen permalink

    Amy, you are amazing. I love your work. Just beautiful, and interesting. Love, Jodi

    • Thanks for checking out my blog, Jodi. I still want to do the show at UConn the theme being reflections.
      So much for Barry D’s commentary that photography isn’t art!!!

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